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Academic certificates from ƵƬ’s University are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels and focus on a specific area of expertise as opposed to a full course of study. Certificates typically do not result in a degree, but many certificate programs are designed to be stackable with bachelor’s and master’s degrees if you choose to pursue a degree program.

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  • Seeking a law certificate?

    The ƵƬ’s University School of Law offers stackable certificate programs. Visit the School of Law website to learn more about law certificates and the application process.

Benefits of an Academic Certificate

Academic certificates are designed to strengthen students’ knowledge of their field of study and provide a core foundation in a specific area of expertise, opening graduates to new career paths and opportunities. Certificates can take less time than a degree and often cost less than a typical degree. Most certificate programs at ƵƬ’s range from 6 to 18 hours.

Many of our certificate offerings are online or hybrid, allowing you flexibility in your schedule. You’ll also have the same professors as our undergraduate and graduate students. Most certificate programs can be stacked with additional courses should you decide to pursue a degree with us.

Certificate FAQs

The cost of a certificate depends on the type of certificate and program. Some programs may be priced at a fixed rate while others are priced by credit hour. Check the Tuition and Fees page for current rates.

Some programs may qualify for financial aid. Prospective certificate students are encouraged to consult with the Office of Financial Assistance to understand the financing specifics.

How much does a certificate cost?

The length of time it takes to complete a certificate depends on the certificate program and whether or not you are taking additional classes at ƵƬ’s. Some standalone programs may be designed to take as little as one semester to complete.

How long does it take to complete a certificate?

Undergraduate certificates are open to current ƵƬ’s University undergraduate students pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Post-baccalaureate certificates are meant to be pursued post-graduation, after you have been granted a bachelor’s degree, but do not count as graduate-level certificates. Graduate certificates are open to students who have completed their bachelor’s or master’s degree from ƵƬ’s University or another degree-granting institution. 

What is the difference between an undergraduate certificate, post-baccalaureate certificate and a graduate certificate?

Courses in online programs are taken entirely online (asynchronously) or virtually (synchronously). Hybrid courses offer a mix of online/virtual courses and in-person classes taken on the ƵƬ’s University campus.

What is the difference between an online program and and a hybrid program?

Online certificate programs may offer virtual (synchronous) or online (asynchronous) courses. Virtual courses are taken remotely in real-time (with your professor and classmates via Zoom) on a scheduled class day and time. Online courses are not taught in real-time but include pre-recorded lectures, video uploads, class chats and individual meetings with professors. The type of course offered depends on the program. Check the program page or with your Admission Counselor for more information.

Are courses in the online certificate programs synchronous or asynchronous?

Apply to an certificate program via the ƵƬ’s University application. Some programs may require additional application materials or have specific start terms. Check with your admission counselor or the program page for more details.

How do I apply to a certificate program?

Apply to the degree program of your choice via the . Talk to your Admission Counselor or Program Director about your interest in pursuing a certificate to stack with your ƵƬ’s degree.

I want to pursue a degree and a certificate program. How do I apply to both?

Talk to your Academic Adviser or Program Director about your interest in pursuing a certificate, or reach out to the Office of Admission or Office of Graduate Admission to apply to a certificate program.

I am already pursuing a degree at ƵƬ’s and would like to apply to a certificate program. What are my next steps?

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